Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 22

Text from card back:

Not a reprint! Worse than a tax audit. Far worsse than a blind date. Ralph Snart has escaped, and he's on a rampage! Ralph tries to scare some old ladies, but they beat the crap out of him. He breaks into a store for some brews, and the manager harasses him thinking he's harmless. Ralph proceeds to stomp him into a pulp. The cops catch up to him and pump him full of lead, but since this is a comic book, Ralph is merely stunned. The police captain dismisses his men and reveals himself to be none other than Dr. Goot in a clever disguise!

Warning: We, the management, are not responsible for injuries (physical or mental) or deaths related to the viewing of these cards. Those with weak hearts are urged to stay away. Thank you, and continue collecting at you convenience.

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