Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 23

Text from card back:

Ralph is in his dream world with some brews, minding his own business, when three big dudes beat him senseless. At Foo's Booze, Mr. Foo agrees to teach Ralph how to defend himself. The first lesson is Foo turning Ralph into ground chuck. After Foo is beaten for not paying his protection money, Ralph promises to get revenge. He busts in on their waterfront hideout, incurring the wrath of the Crusher, the deadliest mobster on the globe. The Crusher pulverizes Snart and believes him dead. The fool!

"Don't get me wrong - Ralph is the best dude in the comic. But Goot is awesome. By the way, would you ask the Doctor if I could have the blueprints for his ultra-destructo terminator frog? I'd like one for a pet."
-- A fan

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