Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 24

Text from card back:

While trying to pick up a girl in a bar, Ralph runs into Mr. Lizard, who begins to unfold the tale of his origin. When Ralph was a boy, Mamma Snart bought him a pet lizard. After running out of crickets to feed it, Ralph searches for more. He unwittingly finds them in a restricted radioactive area, and innocently feeds them to his hungry pet. The lizard goes through radical moleculaar changes and turns out to be as big as Ralph! While young Ralphie is off at school, his parents flush the giant lizard down the toilet, where he finds many other flushed ex-pets.

"Donut! Donut! BAM BAM BAM Let me outta here! Oh, no...it's spotted me. It's creeping toward my stricken head! Bertha! Get me some plexiglass, will ya?"
-- A fan

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