Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 25

Text from card back:

In his dreamworld, Ralph awakens from a drinking binge, when loud knocking and yelling at his door produces the purification Advisor! He brainwashes Ralph with shock treatments. Ralph is cleansed, and he renounces rock and roll, beer, and bad laguage. Meanwhile, Tony caputo cancels RSA due to Ralph's behavior change. Out of work, Ralph decides to join the Purification Advisor, But he is told that he must also hold to a vow of celibacy! The news makes Ralph's mind snap. Screaming, he runs off to paint the town red! The old Ralph is back!

"Ralph is so cool! In fact, he looks a looks a lot like me. No, really! I've got a long round nose, the smae hip haircut, and my ears have sixes in them. I don't escape into a dreamwordl - except in school - and I don't have a fairy godlizard. But I do have a dog named Goot!"
-- Arnold S. Nartlebaum, Ralph's #1 fan

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