Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 27

Text from card back:

The Syndicate puts a contract out on Ralph for altering the comic strips. Anos Puffin, from another strip, is out to kill him. During their honeymoon, Ralph and Supernympho are attacked by Anos, but Ralph whites him out. Later, Ralph goes to NOW and is met with a bunch of Snart impersonators vying for his job. After winning a drinking contest, they rehire him. When Marc visits NOW, Tony tells him that he has hired a new writer and artist for RSA! Their plans include turning him into a ninja-fighting secret agent!

"I once tried to become Rodent Ralph, sort of. I went to a toxic waste dump and made my cat drink from it. After my cat grew ten-feet tall, I made him bite me. Then I waited, and all I ended up getting was a rash under my knee. Did I do something wrong?"
-- Harvey Floorbanger, Marc's Mailman

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