Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 28

Text from card back:

In Rallph's dreamworld, it's midnight, October 31, 1973. Ace Mudley, axe murderer, is crawling out of his grave! In 1952, he was sent to the chair for a grisly series of axe killings. Now Ace is back on the prowl! Later that day, li'l Ralphie is stomping pumpkins from porch to porch. His costume for the night is a Deformed Mute! He scares his mom with it, and then his dad decides to scare him with a gory monster costume. Ace Mudley, complete with axe, comes after Ralphie, but Ralphie beats him up with his bat!

"Yes, Ralphie and I were buddies back in the old days. I remember the two of us stealing Christmas bulbs from yards, smashing pumpkins, and pouring gallons of green food coloring into the city water tank on St. Patrick's Day."
-- Police Chief of Big City

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