Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 29

Text from card back:

Goot's Goon, a.k.a. Ralph Snart, is trashing Chicago. He punts a taxi into a guy playing golf -- it's Suckerman and his sidekick, Cynicboy! In their Suckermobile, they search for Dr. Goot's headquarters. Goot sends a monster to eat them, but Cynicboy saves Suckerman. Later, Cynicboy reveals that he is really Bridge Salesman, Suckerman's greatest foe, and tricks him into buying the Mackinaw Bridge for $10.00. Suckerman is so upset at being suckered that he starts crying and fools Goot's Goon into being sucker punched in the ribs!

"It's a good thing that Ralph's a cartoon character. Otherwise, no one could take such punishment. He's been bopped on the head more times than one could count. Heck, I've had to whack him a few times to get his marbles aligned myself."
-- Olie Grogon, M.D., Family Doctor

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