Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 3

Text from card back:

Man has always considered his thoughts to be private. Well, no longer! Hooked up to a psycho-ray by evil KGB agents, Ralph's deepest darkest dreams are being exposed. Little do the Russian scientists know that they've got the wrong man! Ralph's brain gives them shocking images in full color - and stereo, too! But wait! Ralph's subconscious overloads the circuits, starting a chain reaction. BIF!! The massive explosion destroys the psycho-ray and most everthing around escept Ralph. WOW! Ralph's brain is cured in the mishap! Radical!

Marc Hansen, creator of RSA, says that some of his stories are influenced in part by his friends. "My friends are equally weird or far wierder than myself, and I think I'm the better for knowing them. Of course, now that I've mentioned them, they'll want money. Those thieving scumbags."

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