Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 30

Text from card back:

Goot's Goon (Ralph Snart) is captured by Suckerman and locked up. While in jail, Ralph enters his dreamstate, where he and Mr. Lizard have a man-to-lizard chat about women. Mr. Lizard puts Ralph through hours of exercises, shaping him up to get babes. After some plastic surgery, he looks like a new man! But when he tries his old Snart approach to get a woman ("Hey, woman! Get your sweet bod ovah hyar, baby! I'm tak'n you home to mam-mah!") he's punched in the nose and his features return to normal...well, normal for him, anyway!

"That Ralph, what a schmuck. He tells me he'll take me to a movie, kinner, and show me a big time. I say okay. So he shows me his home movies, forces me to eat freeze-dried hamburger, and takes me to a big clock tower. So I socked him one."
-- Myrtle Gravel, Ralph's Ex-girlfriend

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