Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 31

Text from card back:

Ralph's in jail! Posing a Ralph's lawyer, Dr. Goot gains access to Ralph and slips him a goof pill. Even goofed, his subconscious mind is activ: Ralph is caring for Mrs. Gestapo's dog for two weeks. Upon seeing how fierce Percy the dog can become, Ralph and Boner enter him in a dog fight. Percy appears to be defeated, but by Ralph bellowing nauseatingly cut pronouns (such as Percy-poo-poo-kins), Percy turns into a killing machine and wins!

RSA is now required reading in 37 major colleges. In the class "How to Be a Successful Paarty Dude" at Stately College University (home of the S.C.U.M-Bags), students are required to drink five kegs of beer and dance to Ralph's favorite song, "Maggot, Maggot," as their final exam.

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