Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 32

Text from card back:

Ralph gets out of jail - but is sent to a mental institution. Dr. Goot, who craves female companionship, breaks Ralph out of the booby hatch. Holly Hornswoggle shows up to take a lab assistant job advertised by Goot. Coincidence? Or Hansen's plot device? Holly takes the job, discovers a shackled Ralph, and promptly falls in love with him - but Dr. Goot is in love with Holly! She tries to help Ralph escape from the sewer lab, but Goot soon has them tied up and is slowly lowering them into a pit of one-eyed slug monsters!

The main reason Dr. Goot is an unruly, diabolical scientist - and chews with his mouth open - is that his parents accidentally dropped him out of a ferris wheel as a young child. Good thing he had a hard head! It was the shove off the Empire State Building years later that really sent his brain on a one-way trip to quackland.

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