Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 33

Text from card back:

After escaping from Dr. Goot's lab, Holly hides Ralph at her place, where she reads about Ralph's past. Dad Snart left Mrs. Snart after 20 stormy years of marriage. Ralph later went crazy and was declared the most dangerous human alive. He escaped from the loony bin, went on a rampage, was captured by the police, but was then kidnapped by Dr. Goot! Goot turned Ralph into a mindless beast (see card #29), who went on a rampage and destroyed Chicago. Both are now wanted by the police. Meanwhile, Goot sends out his assassin rats to kill Holly and Ralph!

Many of Ralph's dreams have been made into movies. Everything from "The Shaggy Snart" to the high-grossing "Nightmare on Snart Street." Most memorable was the TV movie "A Laundromat of One-eyed Slug Monsters Ate My Shorts."

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