Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 34

Text from card back:

Ralph's dreamworld finds him yelling at Doofus, a whacked-out bass player, who finds a slimy, blue creature drinking beer in the refrigerator. After Ralph gets slimed by the creature, he decides to vacuum it up and dump it down the toilet! Doofus brings lots of beer to lure the creature to Ralph's vacuum. He flushes what he thinks is the creature, but what turns out to be Ralph's landlord! The creature turns up, splattered on the floor, destroyed by the non-alcoholic beer Doofus accidentally bought.

Once, on a dreamworld visit, Marc saw himself in an issue where Ralph was having a flashback: Dr. Goot was hit on the head and slipped into la-la land. Goot dreamed that he was drawing the Ralph Snart comic. In the story he was working on, Marc was sitting on his bed having a dreamworld fantasy!

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