Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 35

Text from card back:

Dr. Goot's killer rats attaack Holly and Ralph! Holly finds a machine gun and blasts them! Ralph, chewed and unconscious, slips deep into his dreamworld. Ralph is whisked off by his criminally insane, redneck cousin, Bert. Bert takes Ralph out into the great outdoors for some four-wheeling, fishing, and hunting. Later, they enter Fathead Fred's Stinkhole for beer and babes. Back in reality, Holly is really after Ralph. She wants love and she wants it now. Will they play it safe or sorry?

Ralph's cousin Bert was once lost in the woods for three days. After killing and eating every animal within a five-mile radius, he finally sent a signal fire by lighting 400 acres of woodland. This attracted the rescue squad and a flood of screaming mountain folk. Bert is now a corporate lawyer in New Jersey.

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