Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 36

Text from card back:

In 3-D Land, Ralph is attacked by a monster and snatched by Dr. Goot, who proceeds to carve out Ralph's brain! Ralph breaks loose and does battle with him. Mr. Lizard arrives just as Dr. Goot cuts Ralph's tongue out. Goot captures them and is about to give them the axe when the monster returns and falls in love with him! Ralph and Mr. Lizard sample some 3-D beer only to have their burp competition interrupted by a normal guy who complains about their disrespect for the 3-D art for. Ralph and Mr. Lizard burp him into submission!

Warning: Mass consuption of alcohol is not healthy and is best left to bikers, winos, cartoon characters, and the recently laid off. Do not consume mass kegs of beer just to be like Ralph. This will only lead you to take up with a bad crowd and lust for a job in comics, thus driving your loved ones to forget your name and address.

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