Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 4

Text from card back:

Mr. Lizard knocks evil, vile, dog-breathed Dr. Goot for a loop! What a soc! What a Ka-Pow! This should start him on the right path, or at least keep him off Ralphie's back for a while. After Mr. Lizard saves Ralph and trashes Goot's mad scientist lab, all Dr. Goot can say is "I coulda been somebody! I coulda been a contender for mad scientist of the year! It's all ruined!" But it was about time Goot got what was coming to him. Creating evil creatures out of poor and homeless people is bad enough without picking on poor Ralph all the time. It seems that Mr. Lizard can really handle himself.

"If it weren't for me and my 25 years of experience in cosmetics, plastics, and trick mirror-magic, Ralph's giant proboscis (nose to you) would show up much larger and rounder in his comic appearances."
-- Mr. Sigwell Q. Mooney, Esq., Ralph's make-up man

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