Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 5

Text from card back:

Dr. Goot hooks Ralph up to an electric shock machine, and the surge of current sends him into his fantasy dreamstate. A rat drinks from a toxin-polluted stream. Crazed and radioactive, the dying rat grows huge and bites Ralph. This triggers a metamorphosis in Ralph that enlarges his muscles and leaves him with the powers of a giant rat! RODENT RALPH! Hopelessly trapped in a superhero parody, Ralph endures a sidekick (Kid Rodent); a crossover with a hero from another comic; a superhero group (the Mega Team); and the Comic Crudulater, a monstrosity that devours comic characters.

When asked the question, "Should RSA be banned?" one fan wrote: "Yes! I think that RSA warps the mind. I mean, even the Comic Crudulator admits it. Heck, it's become my sole reason for living!"

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