Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 6

Text from card back:

Ralph gets a role-playing game with a 3-D holographic play mode; it puts him right at the entrance to the game. The big-mouthed entrance guard warns him to resist the One-Eyed Vixen! Ralph meets a wizard who was destroyed by wine coolers. The wizard sends Ralph on a variety of quests, among them the killing of a giant slug, and the retrieval of the heart of the One-Eyed Vixen. Shocked to find her a beautiful, two-eyed beauty, Ralph falls head-over-heels for her. When he kisses her, she changes into a one-eyed, wrinkled beast...who changes into the dragon...who turns into the slug...

The Comics Buyer's Guide on RSA: "Ralph is funny. It certainly isn't sophisticated humor, but then it doesn't pretend that it is; there are no 'mature readers' advisories to make pseudo-intellectuals feel less guilty about enjoying something that is rude, crude, obvious, and - above all - funny."

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