Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 7

Text from card back:

Inside Ralph's demented mind, a giant robot goes haywire killiing a guard and escaping. Ralph is a robot exterminator, and his boss sends him to destroy the homicidal robot. Ralph is accompanied by Private Dork, a kooky charaacter who pleaded to go along. They locate the rogue robot, and Dork narrowly escapes getting zapped. Upon returning home, Ralph is shocked to find his girlfriend sleeping with his slavedroid! Her plans thus foiled, she pulls out a gun and shoots a pleading Ralph. It turns out to be a robot Ralph, and the real Ralph appears and shoots her to dust!

Ralph's motto: "Ican take just as much as the next guy and dish out more than ya bargained for. I don't take nothing from nobody - not unless it's gift-wrapped."

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