Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 8

Text from card back:

In Ralph's fantasy land, he reads a want ad for a driver to take a car to California, all expenses paid. Ralph plays it cool until the owner is out of sight. Then the fun begins. He encounters a hot babe who tosses him a bag containing Mr. Lizard. After chuggin' some brews, Ralph blacks out to a court scene. An ugly judge sentences him to death based on Mr. Lizard's crimes. He's put in the electric chari! Ralph awakens in the car with Mr. Lizard behind the wheel. Ralph's dream-within-a-dream almost comes true when they get pulled over by a cop. Mr. Lizard has disappeared, so Ralph takes the rap for everything that's happened.

A fan writes: "My life is complete now. I've got all my RSAs lined up before me on my desk, and I am at peace just knowing that they're here for me. May you sleep well knowing that you've changed my life. I have to go now. My oatmeal is getting cold."

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