Ralph Snart Trading Cards No. 9

Text from card back:

A couple of demons in Hell get chewed out by Satan. They are behind in their curses, so Satan decides to curse Ralph himself. He sends a little demon to Ralph's doorstep with a Hellogram explaining that if he doesn't take care of this demon, he will be cast into Hell - and have a nice day. Ultimately, Ralph fails to caare for the demon; he shoots it in a fit of desperation and POOF! he's back in Hell. Ralph starts to enjoy torture, fire, and banging on rocks. This drives Satan so mad that he boots Ralph right back home.

Marc Hansen, what do your friends think of RSA? "Well, none of them have called me a running, heathen jackal, so I must be accommodating them. They get weird ideas, like I'm some sort of jet-setting, mega-bucked celebrity. It's like they think if they're real nice to me, they can stay at my mansion in Palm Springs for free!"

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