Ralph Snart Issues Never Published

No. 6 No. 7 No. 12


The last volume of Ralph Snart Adventures was Volume 5, which began monthly in July, 1993. Each issue had a new ten-page story and the rest filled with new or reprint material. The last published issue of Ralph Snart Adventures was Volume 5, Issue 5, which was released in November, 1993.

By the time it was known that this was to be the last issue, Hansen had already finished the cover, story and art for issues 6 and 7, plus the special tattoo cover for issue 12 in the Fall of 1993.

In early 1994, NOW attempted to create movie studio interest in Ralph Snart by revamping the charcters and storyline. Hansen wrote a new "editorial direction," revamped some old characters and created new ones. To go hand-in-hand with this attempt to remarket Ralph Snart, NOW wanted to relaunch the monthly comic book with new issues beginning in August, 1994.

Since they needed to do something with the two unpublished issues from Volume 5, and they didn't fit with the new direction, NOW decided to publish the two issues as a Summer Special No. 1 double-sized issue to be released in July, 1994. The cover that was to be for issue 6 was used. New material would be done to wrap up the stories and lead into (and preview) the new Ralph Snart series.

Hansen had forgotten all about these two issues, so when he continued the series in November, 2003 in Volume 6, the story was different than what he had done back in 1993. These two unpublished issues were later printed in the trade paperback RSA: Comic Collection No. 1 in 2007.

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