Caged Animal

The inks and colors for Ralph Snart #9 should be done next week. Meanwhile, I'm holed up (sheltering in place) like a caged animal. Crawling around on all fours, howling at the window at passer-bys, flailing and frothing, so pretty much not noticing much difference since before the virus.

Also waiting for beer #49 to age -- only about a month since bottling. Takes a couple weeks to carbonate and then at least four weeks of aging before it starts to get good.

Ralph Snart Adventures #9

Here's the cover from layout to pencil, ink, painting and final image. The painting is actually just an ink dye wash on translucent paper -- no color, just a one color wash. I wanted to get all of the textures and look of a watercolor but without all the hassle of mixing and painting a bunch of different colors.

After scanning, it's changed from grayscale to CMYK, selections are made and color values are changed. In concept, I think this is similar to what Richard Corbin used to do (early Warren stuff and Den), only I think he was painting and airbrushing on acetate for each color, which must've been a huge pain and no way to tell exactly what the final result was going to be. Much easier with a computer.

Ralph Snart Vol 8 #8 Now On Sale

Ralph Snart Adventures Vol. 8, #8

Ralph Snart Adventures Vol. 8, #8

Story & Art by: Marc Hansen
Price: $1.99

Weird Melvin vs Ralph Snart
Powered up on beers, Ralph Snart battles monster-killer Weird Melvin. Regardless of the outcome, Doctor Goot is waiting in the wings to steal Ralph's amazing brain. Color, 36 pages.

Buy This Sucker!

Digital vs Print

RSA Vol 8 No 1: the last printed anything.

Besides questions about original art/commissions/sketches, I get a lot of questions about publishing RSA Volume 8 in print. You know, on actual paper so that you can feel and lovingly caress your Ralph Snart in your actual hands. This creates a disturbing mental picture as I imagine naked fans rolling around on their issues of Snart. Anyway...

After all, Volumes 1 through 7 are all in print, plus the first issue of Volume 8 is in print. What's the deal? So, print the rest of them, DAMMIT! Well, please take note that I haven't published anything in print since 2008 -- almost a dozen years ago. Hello. This might suggest, besides other reasons, that I'm committed to digital publishing and have no inclination whatsoever to publish in print ever again.

So, those sick degenerates with a sick "paper fetish" will have to come to grips with this. Do you continue to wait? Gee, maybe Hansen will publish next year or the year after or maybe in ten years or so... maybe if I wait just a while longer...

By that time, I'll be dead and buried. Until then, I'll be cranking out new issues.

Finally, there's still plenty to collect. There's over 60 comics and trade paperbacks (including Doctor Gorpon and Weird Melvin), trading cards and posters.

In other news, Beer #47 turned out awesome. It was wet and dry hopped --great hops flavor and aroma but not overly bitter.

Ralph Snart T-Shirt Design

The Ralph Snart t-shirt design currently begin offered started out 15 years ago as an iron-on I sold online.

Read Weird Melvin In The CBG

I did three Weird Melvin space fillers for the Comics Buyers' Guide (that I'm aware of), and this one appeared in #999 in January 8, 1993. I don't have the finished art for this and had forgotten all about it. The Weird Melvin comic strip ran from #985 (10/02/92) until #1098 (12/02/94).
The other two space fillers are on the back page of the Weird Melvin Comic Strip Collection.

Beer #47

Beer number 47 is a wet hopped cream ale (wet hopping is simply using fresh hops that haven't been dried). Had to pick probably 4-7 days early due to an incoming storm with possible high winds and hail. Survived a hail storm a few days earlier and didn't want to risk another.
My plants are young, so I didn't get much, only 6 ounces, but should be just enough for this one batch. Lame, I know.
Cooking the cereal mash... Meanwhile, the 6-row malt is going through it's first rest.
Cereal mash then added to the mash tun for the second rest. Note the high-tech Home Depot cooler.
While it ferments, I'll be working on layouts and lettering for Ralph Snart #8.

Still At Cover

Um, hey, Weird Melvins are still in-stock, and I'm still selling them at cover price. You can pay more if you want.

More Twitter Nonsense

Twitter is freaking out again...

237,167 impressions July 4, followed by 493,649 the next day and 221,389 the day after that. Nothing special tweeted. No new followers. Yes, that's right, 1M impressions over three days. Wuttup?

If anyone has had problems downloading my ebooks, that should be fixed now. My new web hosting plan has it's limitations, so I came up with a better way to handle it.

Beer No. 46 was born yesterday.

It weighed in at about 50 pounds and appears healthy. BTW, beer No. 44, which I bottled, started uncertain but aged well. Beer No. 45, which was kegged, was pretty awesome from start to finish.

Next Snart, Beer

Work begins (writing) on the next issue of RSA. I'd like to write it over the next couple months (while it's hot) to begin drawing in September. Inking in the Summer sucks, so it's to be avoided. Some of the back-up features are either done or partially done already.

This week I'll be brewing Beer #46. Still experimenting with the cream ale style -- there's only one last thing to figure out. Getting close since Beer #45 turned out more than pretty damn good.
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Marc Hansen
Marc Hansen
Cartoonist and creator of Ralph Snart Adventures, Weird Melvin and Doctor Gorpon. Hansen has done most of his work for NOW Comics, but has also done work for Marvel, Disney and Kitchen Sink Press.

Ralph Snart Adventures was published from 1986-1993 by now defunct NOW Comics, and was the longest running comic in the entire NOW catalog, selling an average of 50,000 copies a month during that nine year period. Over two million comics were published, and it was the first indy comic to receive the Comics Code.

Today, Marc Hansen publishes Ralph Snart Adventures as an ebook on a sporadic basis. Current issues are available on his webstore. Keep up with Ralph Snart on Twitter and Facebook.